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Contractors in New Jersey can get easy general liability insurance with us.

From paper General Contractors to one person lawcare operations we have coverage for just about everyone.  As a contractor it is hard to get the good jobs if you don’t have a certificate of insurance to provide to your customers.  We offer fast certificates that will keep you on the job and making money.

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We insure almost any kind of contractor, even those that have had cancellations and non-renewals.  Have you had a lapse in coverage since your last job?  Do insurance agents hesitate to get you a general liability insurance quote?  None of this happens with our professional agents that treat everyone with gignity and respect.  Especially NJ Contractors!.

NJCAIP NJ Commercial Auto Insurance Plan Type Quotes

Good News! We have New Jersey Commercial Auto Insurance Plan NJCAIP coverage available.

NJCAIP Plan Quotes (856) 863-5654 Business Auto Policy Programs.
NJ Commercial Auto Insurance

If you have been refused New Jersey commercial auto insurance or have a non renewal notice for your business compare rates from the NJCAIP state assigned risk plan.

The plan insures all kinds of unique and regular business types including trucking, contractors, buses, taxi’s and many other business types.

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CAIP offers coverage to those having problems getting or keeping coverage.  It may be more expensive for some risks but could keep you insured and out on the road making money.

*Automobile Liability coverages are available in Combined Single Limits (CSL), beginning at 35,000. Increased limits are available for 50,000, 100,000, 300,000, 500,000, 750,000 1,000,000. Federal, State or Municipal laws may require your business to have higher limits and we could discuss these in detail. Higher limts like 1,000,000 & $5,000,000 CSL for buses are be available however, higher limits may require evidence that the limits are required. *NJCAIP.NET

The following are eligible to apply for this NJCAIP special coverage. Examples include Large Trucks, Buses, Bus Fleets, Contractors Vehicles and many other classes of risk that seem too high for most regular insurance companies.

NJCAIP insure non emergency medical transport vehicles 856-863-5654
NJCAIP insure non emergency medical transport vehicles 856-863-5654
New Jersey Commercial Auto Insurance Plan Coverage
Business owner help obtaining coverage through the New Jersey Commercial Auto Insurance Plan Coverage
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Finding the right NJ Commercial Insurance coverage

Allow our licensed business insurance agents to assist you in locating, comparing and buying insurance.

NJ Commercial Insurance Quotes from top carriers for various companies needing New Jersey business insurance coverages.
NJ Commercial Insurance Quotes for various companies needing business insurance

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